Digital & creative agencies

Plan, organize, and collaborate to get better results

LogicalPlan is being used by agencies working on web design, advertising campaigns, lead generation, and more. You can invite your clients to collaborate with you in the LogicalPlan app or just let them be automatically notified by email about the progress you make. Your clients will love working with you. LogicalPlan makes collaboration easy so your team can focus on creating experiences customers will love.

Manage all your clients

Easily invite your clients to collaborate with your team in LogicalPlan, or just let them be notified automatically about your progress. The choice is up to you.

Prepare all tasks for launch day

With LogicalPlan, you can anticipate waiting times and adjust your schedule accordingly. Involve everyone: designer, copywriter, ad expert, and client, to be ready to launch on time.

Follow-up your campaigns

Running multiple campaigns for even more clients can be a tricky deal to follow-up. Have a clear overview of all your campaigns and to-do’s to keep results up, and clients happy.

Manage everything in one application

You can manage the complete process of running ads and lead generation campaigns from within LogicalPlan. After setting up a strategy, you can create tasks and make time estimations. You can easily assign tasks to different people on your team with a simple drag and drop. Everyone gets notified, even the client if you want them to. Creative work such as ad images can be attached to the project, so everything is right where you need it.

IT and development team use cases

Set your marketing strategy and plan

Create your plan according to the strategy you defined. All tasks can be created easily and you’ll see them in a convenient overview. For each task, you can add details, checklists, and attachments so nothing gets lost.

Set your marketing strategy and plan

Map out plans

Set task deadlines, create dependencies, and most of all, add the team member responsible for the task or for each checklist item.

Map out plans

Track time spent on each task

Add the estimated working time per task and track the real time worked. This is a sure way to be on top of delays before they form a problem.

Track time spent on each task

Manage your agency better with these features


With LogialPlan, you will always know what’s new in your projects. Our smart notifications system is based on AI, so you won’t be overloaded with notifications that aren’t relevant to you. By only receiving important updates, you can really focus on the work that matters.

Visual works better

Thanks to LogicalPlan, you can easily schedule all projects and events - visually. Create a beautiful color-coded timeline of the whole project with drag & drop. Communicate the big picture - organize your team’s schedule across multiple projects.

Focus - everyone knows what's important today

Today's work for tomorrow's deadline.
Team members won't ever have to ask "What am I supposed to be doing today?"
LogicalPlan is designed to help your team focus on what matters most each and every day.

Move on from emails

Are you always overloaded with emails about all your different projects?
In LogicalPlan, all communications can take place right on the task they are relevant to, including any important files. This means you will never get lost in long email chains again. Your colleagues can just answer the email and their reply automatically appears as a new comment on the task.