Software companies

Plan, organize, and collaborate to get better results

In LogicalPlan, you can combine agile methods like Scrum with traditional project management. Every single project will be done in time for the deadline, with a bit of self-discipline from yourself, of course :-). And, at the same time, you can create a successful product with great added value for your clients.

Plan product roadmaps

Break down the whole project into stages, set goals, align on priorities, and track product milestones.

Simplify sprint planning

Give your team clarity on sprint plans, milestones, and launch dates to keep everyone focused on the right goals.

Pass the product on time

Stay on track with deadlines to release the product on time and make your client happy.

Manage everything in one application

You can manage the complete process of developing a new product from within LogicalPlan. After you write down your ideas and user story, you can prioritize them and create a nice product backlog.

The next step is to create a clear operative plan. By using drag & drop, you can assign members to every single job and schedule them according to the milestones for your product. Everyone gets notified, even the client if you want them to. Creative work such as ad images can be attached to the project, so everything is right where you need it.

IT and development team use cases

Create product backlog

Create your plan according to the strategy you defined. All tasks can be created easily and you’ll see them in a convenient overview. For each task, you can add details, checklists, and attachments so nothing gets lost.

Create product backlog

Schedule development on your timeline with ease

Set milestones for each important part of the product release. Set task deadlines, create dependencies, and most of all, add the team member responsible for the task.

Schedule development on your timeline with ease

Track the times and costs of each task

Add an estimated work time to the task and watch the actual working time taken when completing the task. Add external costs for each task. This is a sure way to be on top of a delay before it creates a problem.

Track the times and costs of each task

Tips on how to control the development of a new product with LogicalPlan


With LogialPlan, you will always know what’s new in your projects. Our smart notifications system is based on AI, so you won’t be overloaded with notifications that aren’t relevant to you. By only receiving important updates, you can really focus on the work that matters.

Visual works better

Thanks to LogicalPlan, you can easily schedule all projects and events - visually. Create a beautiful color-coded timeline of the whole project with drag & drop. Communicate the big picture - organize your team’s schedule across multiple projects.


Get a complete overview of the work of your team in one place. With several visual tools, you will have an overview of each project at a glance, so you always know what tasks and deadlines are on the table.

Prioritise your team’s task

From the big picture down to the smallest actionable task, visualized on a color-coded timeline. So, your team can simply prioritize what matters the most and deliver on time, all the time.