The simplified way to manage your startup

When you manage your own startup, it is really important to follow several principles. First, you need to have a complete overview of your teammates’ workload. Information and transparency is key to success when building a great company. Second, you need to be able to prioritize tasks easily for the whole team. Keeping everybody on track is really important. To do this, you need to have order in communication and files at a glance. Get rid of emails and keep the information in one safe place: LogicalPlan.

Plan and measure for team's success

Thanks to the visual Mind Map and Timeline, you can plan work for the whole team. Deadlines never surprise you and you can maintain a healthy team instead of overloaded teammates.

Prioritize team’s task

Focus on what is important today. Easily define what needs to be done first. Your teammates will be always on track and spend less time on communication and more time with building added value for your startup.

Get rid of emails

Collaborate with everyone - your clients and suppliers - in one place. You’ll always have important files and communication on hand and everyone will know what they need to do. There’s no hassle with registration. Everyone can join a task through their email, no registration needed.

Manage everything in one application

You can manage the complete process of your project from within LogicalPlan. Using the mind map tool, you can set up the strategy of your project as an architect. You can easily create a backlog with all tasks and assign every single job to your teammates. Everyone gets notified, and can focus on what is important today. Every file and communication can be attached to the project, so everything is right where you need it.

Startups use cases

Set your product strategy and plan

Create your plan according to the strategy you defined. All tasks can be created easily and you’ll see them in a convenient overview. Create your product roadmap, design the project plan, and split your project into phases on the way to success.

Set your product strategy and plan

Map out plans

Set task deadlines, create dependencies, and most of all, add the best team member responsible for the task or for each checklist item. Have a complete overview of all jobs in your growing company.

Map out plans

Track time spent on each task

Effectivite is most important for every startup. Add the estimated working time per task and track the real time worked on a task. This is a sure way to be on top of delays before they form a problem.

Track time spent on each task

Let your startup grow, by managing everything in LogicalPlan


With LogicalPlan, you will always know what’s new in your projects.
Our smart notifications system is based on AI, so you won’t be overloaded with notifications that aren’t relevant to you. By only receiving important updates, you can really focus on the work that matters.

Visual works better

Thanks to LogicalPlan, you can easily design and schedule your project like a pro.
Create a beautiful color-coded timeline of the whole project with drag & drop.
Communicate the big picture - organize your team’s schedule across multiple projects.

Order in task

Create order in your tasks and get your project's costs and resources under control. Spent less time with operating activities and meetings and focus on strategic management and build your company.

Easy collaboration

Today's work for tomorrow's deadline.
Team members won't ever have to ask "What am I supposed to be doing today?"
LogicalPlan is designed to help your team focus on what matters most each and every day.

Prioritize your team’s task

From the big picture down to the smallest actionable task, visualized on a color-coded timeline.
So, your team can simply prioritize what matters the most and deliver on time, all the time

Move on from emails

Are you always overloaded with emails about all your different projects?
In LogicalPlan, all communications can take place right on the task they are relevant to, including any important files. This means you will never get lost in long email chains again. Your colleagues can just answer the email and their reply automatically appears as a new comment on the task.