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Time tracking

Track the time spent on each task.

File upload

Unlimited space to save files, images and important documents.

Beautiful PDFs exports

Take advantage of popular PDF exports for an easy and beautiful overview for your clients.


Do you know how much your time costs? Make sure your projects are profitable thank's reports.

Task dependencies

Teams with collaborative workflows can easily see what tasks they have been waiting on from others and know when to get started on their portion of work.

Easy for non-project managers too

You do not need to be project managers to manage the project with LogicalPlan. With the ease-of-use in mind,intuitive environment and beautiful app appearance everything will go smoothly!

Compact timeline

Timeline is a beautiful, living view of how your work fits together that helps you to start projects on the right foot and meet your deadlines.


Milestones mark specific points in time during the running of a project and are marked on the timeline in order to track major progress points that must be reached to achieve success.

Custom columns

Use custom columns to track specific workflows that will provide you with better visibility around projects.

Visual overview

With a perfect visual overview you can easily increase the efficiency of your work team.

Member roles

In LogicalPlan we distinguish between three types of member roles: Admin, Member, and Guest.

Communications on task detail

In LogicalPlan all communication can take place right on the task, including any important files. All in one place!

Mentions your teammates

Address a comment to a specific teammate—@mention your teammate in a task or conversation to add them as a follower. They’ll get a notification and can direct their attention to your comment.

Powerful reports

Powerful snapshot reports put you in the driving seat. Send them out to your clients regularly or leave them in "live" mode. It's up to you!

Unlimited workspaces

Add as many workspaces as you like. Workspace is the place for organizing your work and data (e.g. projects, clients, processes).

Private workspaces

Private workspaces are only visible and accessible to you and team members you invite. Work quickly, efficiently and safely with LogicalPlan.

My tasks

In My Tasks are all the tasks that are assigned to you. Sort your tasks list to view your tasks in a way that suits you.

Team schedule

When working on multiple projects you need to keep track of your teams. You can distribute work appropriately only when you have an overview of individual team members’ workload.

Followers on task

They are team members working together on the task. They are however not responsible for it. They have access to all details about the task where they are invited.

Guest mode on task

The Guest in LogicalPlan allows you to cooperate with an unlimited amount of guests who do not have to register as a vendor, client, freelancer or outside consultant.

The Guide of LogicalPlan

Find any tutorials and use-cases you need about the LogicalPlan app.

24/7 customer support

Get support from our team. We will give you quick advice and we will appreciate your feedback from LogicalPlan testing.

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