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Why LogicalPlan?

You can enjoy the advantages of team collaboration with LogicalPlan right away Stop getting lost in your work


How busy is your team, really?

With LogicalPlan, you can utilize your team to their full capacity without overloading them. You can finally see your team members' workloads and the list of their tasks all in one place. Everyone on the team can instantly see what’s expected of them, and track their progress.

See your project overview at any time

When managing team projects, it’s often difficult to keep the big picture in mind while trying to remember all the important little details — this makes it difficult to judge the project’s current situation.

With LogicalPlan, you can switch between two types of displays — workspace overview and timeline. As soon as you plan a project, you know how long it will take. You can see at any time how much work you’ve already done, and you’ll never lose sight of the team’s status.


Team members can now work on the same page

Once you schedule your project, each team member has their assigned tasks automatically imported into their calendar.

They can write comments and add files to these tasks, and everyone will have up-to-date information. No more searching old emails for important details.

Also, the project’s visual plan works as an overview for the other team members.

Managing teams is enough of a challenge.
Don’t make your life even harder with complicated tools.

LogicalPlan on 14 days free is at your fingertips
Project planning has just become easier!

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