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Plan your projects with visual tool and meet all your deadlines

Thanks to LogicalPlan, you can easily design and schedule your project like a pro. Use our visual scheduler to determine the resources required to complete your projects. Set time estimates, due dates, priorities, and more. Create an eye- catching, color-coded timeline of the whole project with the drag & drop function. Set up task dependencies, and manage resources so you never miss a deadline.

  • Always complete projects on time
  • Visual plan scope of your projects - you don't miss anything
  • Spent less time with operating activities and meetings

Always keep track of what your team is doing

When working on multiple projects you need to keep track of your teams. Get a complete overview of the work of your team in one place. You can distribute work appropriately only when you have a visual overview of individual team members’ workload. With the drag & drop function you can easily shuffle your work based on your colleagues' current availability.

  • Control all actions which your team is doing
  • Reduce the number of meetings
  • Keep everybody on the track

Be sure your projects will be profitable

Measure your work, create beautiful reports, and make sure your projects are profitable. Do you know how much your time costs? Break down your hours by projects, clients, and tasks to see what’s making you money and what’s holding you back.

  • Measure your team’s performance
  • Increase efficiency of your team by 32%
  • Always have a budget for projects under control

LogicalPlan helps managers visually plan tasks, complete projects on time and under budget while keeping your team working efficiently and happily.

Explore LogicalPlan’s solutions

Digital & creative agencies

Digital & creative agencies

LogicalPlan is being used by agencies working on web design, advertising campaigns, lead generation, and more. You can also invite your clients to collaborate or just let them be automatically notified about the progress you make. Your clients will love working with you. Your team can focus on creating experiences your customers will love.

Startup / SMB

Startup / SMB

Thanks to LogicalPlan you can focus on what is important in building your business. Get your things done faster and focus on what is most important to increase the value of your product. Spend less time with operating and pay attention to strategic management and expansion. Thanks to our visual tool, you can manage the whole team like a pro.

Software company

Software company

In LogicalPlan, you can combine agile with traditional project management. Use the mind mapping tool to create a nice product backlog and deliver the product to your client in stages. Every single project will be done in time for the deadline. Visualise your plan - keep the team on track and give everyone more time for product improvement.

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