The better way to plan work

Plan, track and manage your team’s work. All in one, easy and visual.

Make your plans visual

Plan and structure your work in the way that’s best for you. Create a workflow of the whole project.

Stay on track

Get all of your tasks in order. Set priorities and assign each task to teammates all in one place.

Never miss a deadline

Set time estimates, due dates, and dependencies for tasks. Create a beautiful timeline of the whole project with our drag-and-drop feature.

Explore LogicalPlan’s use cases

Digital & creative agencies

Digital & creative agencies

LogicalPlan is being used by agencies working on web design, advertising campaigns, lead generation, and more. You can also invite your clients to collaborate or just let them be automatically notified about the progress you make. Your clients will love working with you. Your team can focus on creating experiences your customers will love.

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Event management

Event management

Planning events has never been easier. You can break down the whole event into smaller, more manageable parts. Assign teammates and set-up due dates for every single task . Then, you just need to track your progress and celebrate a successful plan.

IT development

IT development

In LogicalPlan, you can combine agile with traditional project management. Every single project will be done in time for the deadline. And, at the same time, you can create a successful product with great added value for clients.

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Small businesses

Small businesses

Planning is key to success. Easily schedule your team's work for the week ahead and set priorities on what's important. It doesn't matter if your business is Real estate offices, Coworking spaces, Travel agencies, or Ecommerce, LogicalPlan can help you set a plan into action.

7 reasons why you should start using LogicalPlan


With LogialPlan, you will always know what’s new in your projects. Our smart notifications system is based on AI, so you won’t be overloaded with notifications that aren’t relevant to you. By only receiving important updates, you can really focus on the work that matters.

Visual works better

Thanks to LogicalPlan, you can easily schedule all projects and events - visually. Create a beautiful color-coded timeline of the whole project with drag & drop. Communicate the big picture - organize your team’s schedule across multiple projects.


Get a complete overview of the work of your team in one place. With several visual tools, you will have an overview of each project at a glance, so you always know what tasks and deadlines are on the table.

Focus - everyone knows what's important today

Today's work for tomorrow's deadline.
Team members won't ever have to ask "What am I supposed to be doing today?"
LogicalPlan is designed to help your team focus on what matters most each and every day.

Prioritise your team’s task

From the big picture down to the smallest actionable task, visualized on a color-coded timeline. So, your team can simply prioritize what matters the most and deliver on time, all the time.

Move on from emails

Are you always overloaded with emails about all your different projects?
In LogicalPlan, all communications can take place right on the task they are relevant to, including any important files. This means you will never get lost in long email chains again. Your colleagues can just answer the email and their reply automatically appears as a new comment on the task.

LogicalPlan isn’t just an application

We are a project management tool with a personal approach to our users. If you need to ask something or need a special price, we are always here for our users.

Are you a Trello user?

Import your Trello boards into LogicalPlan with a few clicks and continue working on your projects with your team without friction.

Why use LogicalPlan instead Trello

  • Online gantt charts give you a clear overview of the start date, duration, and end date of tasks.
  • Assign tasks to multiple team members.
  • Complete overview across all boards in LogicalPlan.
  • Drag-and-drop functionality in timelines will help you plan projects from start to finish.
  • More than boards. Project management including timelines, exports, and task management.
  • Live chat support.

Our longterm customers have to say...

"Why do we use LogicalPlan? It's easy. Two years ago, we came to the conclusion that we cannot work without project management. It is essential for us to manage our team effectively, to maintain order, and to review our individual projects/tasks efficiently. LogicalPlan has solved this."

Matt Dunka
Owner, Merchandising For You

"With LogicalPlan, we're able to increase our digital marketing agency's effectiveness by planning and tracking our projects, timelines, and client deliverables all in one place. It's an instrumental project management tool that allows us to work smarter, better, and faster while holding our growing team accountable. LogicalPlan keeps the Digital Shift team running smoothly while saving us time and money."

Matt Miciula
CEO, co-founders of Digital Shift